• Comprehensive Discovery & Inventory ­— Physical, Virtual, Cloud Platforms
    Agentless, Rapid Collection of IT Infrastructure Inventory, Configuration and Utilization
  • IT Security Checks and Infrastructure Health Maintenance
    Minimize Downtime Risk and Maintain Peak Performance
  • Brilliant Server and Data Center Consolidation
    Reduce Energy Consumption & Equipment Footprints and Lower Operating Costs
  • Easy Software License Audits and Smart Virtualization Planning
    Reduce Unauthorized Software Risks and Reduce On-going Costs

Data Center Optimizer (DCO)



Take the First Steps in Saving up to 40% on your IT Operational Budget

Contact Us Today at SALES@isisoftware.co.uk or call (0)808 145 8407.

Join hundreds of satisfied clients (Thomson Reuters, Toys”R”Us, Coca Cola, Bank of America etc) that have successfully used and reduced their IT Operational spend and have reclaimed millions of pounds back into their yearly budget.

The IT x86 Director from a major media company said

“We originally ran the ISI Snapshot suite of tools against 2000 x86 servers, after some analysis of the data collected we found out that we had 400 servers that were doing absolutely nothing (Zombie Servers), they were switched on drawing power and using cooling that was not necessary. We immediately switched them off for a huge initial saving. And with the help of ISI Software Europe in-conjunction with a leading virtualisation and storage company, we managed to switch off 1.3megawatts of power throughout our Datacentres”

Our knowledgeable staff can schedule a personalised demo to show you how you can save money whilst increasing operational efficiency. With this software solution, starting almost immediately you can receive accurate data to support the following:



  • Resource utilization
  • Data Center relocation
  • Infrastructure inventory
  • Cloud readiness
  • Software audit defense
  • Zombie server elimination
  • Capacity planning
  • Change detection
  • Vendor proposal evaluation
  • Dependency mapping
  • Industry best practices


And, there is no down time to install the software. The ISI Snapshot suite can be installed and discovering your infrastructure in less than one day.


The Snapshot suite is:


  • Agentless
  • Covers multiple locations
  • Many detailed standard reports
  • Secure
  • Linux/Unix/Windows/PowerVM
  • Independent against the leading hypervisors
  • Fast, can collect multiple devices at once
  • UK Government GCloud7


Call us on (0)808 145 8407 or email SALES@isisoftware.co.uk to learn more.

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